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The #1 Mastermind For Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
Social X is a community of entrepreneurs working together to make a positive impact on the world, scale their businesses, make more money and build their network with high level like-minded individuals.

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The #1 Mastermind For Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
Social X is a community of entrepreneurs working together to make a positive impact on the world, scale their businesses, make more money and build their network with high level like-minded individuals.
Membership Benefits
Grow Your Impact - Expand Your Network - Scale Your Business
Mentorship & Consulting
Work with industry leaders and the entire community through live mastermind calls twice a week. 
  • Mentorship calls: Every week grow your network and connect with industry leaders as they open the hood of their businesses, tell their story, and teach their strategies through powerful live calls. This is followed by a 30 minute Q&A session for all members to get direct advice and insight on their business.
  • Member calls: Every week stay connected with everyone in the Social X community as we dive deep into each others businesses and collaborate on our private member only calls. We work together to solve problems, teach/implement strategies, and come up with new ways to expand in our businesses and life styles. 
You'll also receive full access to our library of 40+ webinars and Q&A sessions. This is a total of 55+ hours with some of the largest moguls across multiple industries teaching their ways of marketing, sales, branding, ecommerce, mindset, routines, investing, credit, etc...
Access To all Social X events
We hold masterminds, live events, and mixers all around the world.
  • Live Events: These are one-of-a-kind events that intersect business, culture and entertainment. We believe that connections are best made when members are able to network in fun atmospheres and take online relationships offline. Our members get access to Social X networking events that take place all over the world in entertaining and inspiring environments that are conducive to building deep relationships, creating unforgettable memories, and opening doors to new opportunities.
  • Private Member Retreats: Additionally Social X members gain access to private mastermind retreats held in exotic and luxurious all inclusive resorts around the world.
All Social X members receive perks, incentives, and special access to all events.
Private Member Retreats
Pop Up Events
Access to courses, resources, and support
Dive deep into course material, gain access to resources, and get help from the Social X team at any time.
  • Social X Course Material: Gain access to all current and future Social X course material. We teach a variety of strategies, systems, and processes in our structured courses. 
  • Resource Request Channel: Our members have access to a resource request channel. This channel can be used at anytime by our members to get a variety of different assets including but not limited to; sales scripts, software, email templates, proposal templates, contracts, etc...
  • Member Support Channel: Our members have access to a support channel that they may use at any point if they are running into issues, have questions, or anything that they believe our team and strategic partners can help with. 
  • Social X Resources: We give access to extremely low rates and discounted services to all of our strategic partnerships. We have formed multiple partnerships with businesses such as merchant processing, graphic designers, accountants, credit repair, content creators, web developers, etc.. 
Additional Features
  • business referral network:  As networkers and expanding entrepreneurs our members have formed a tight referral network in order to keep all business opportunity with in the community. Form strategic referral partnerships with all members and grow your business with consistent referrals from credible sources. Also create a new income stream for your self or business by sending referrals to other members in the community.
  • ​​accountability groups: Staying accountable to goals and tasks in life and business can be hard especially with so much going on. Our accountability groups are small groups of members holding each other accountable and motivating each other to do better each day. Work with your group on a mastery metrics spreadsheet so you and your group can track each others goals and stay consistent with what needs to get done. 
Who is this Community for?
When applying you will be able to schedule a call with one of the Social X team members to review your application. Qualified individuals will be invited into the community.
  • I own a business or am an entrepreneur and want to connect with high level individuals to create opportunities, grow personally, gain access to mentorship and scale my business. 
  • I am a solo entrepreneur or entrepreneur and am looking for a group of like-minded people to work and network with daily. 
  • I am currently working the corporate grind or have a job and am trying to figure out how to make the jump into my side hustle full time. 
  • ​I am looking to get around good like-minded people, find new opportunities, and learn about what it takes to be an entrepreneur or business owner.
  • ​I am currently doing 4-5 figures in my business and want to scale to 6-7. 
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